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About our name, our logo and our monkey.


Our brand name, Trentios, unites the parent company’s name TRENDS with captiosius. That’s Latin for ‘smart’. Because we work hard to make everyday things work better.

That’s smart in any language. Trentios.

trentios_logoTrentios is the human face of technology.


This is what sets us apart. That’s why our logo takes the T and puts a face to our name, one that looks smart and reliable.


And yes, we have a monkey. He is our monkey bot mascot.

He’s smart, agile and approachable. He goes where he’s needed, even the most unexpected places. He makes people smile. Just like our technology.

He represents the clever use of technology to create products that are user-friendly, unobstrusive, and human-centric.

His name is Timo.

We also retail and service many other major international brands